Urset’s Prayer

Yahweh Says to Urset:

I pray that you are kept safe throughout this day, that you live as wholly as you can, that you see things that you have not seen before and that more of them are beautiful than not, more of them delightful than not. I pray that you hold easily in your hands the balance between Earth and sky,  that you laugh and cry, know freedom and restraint, some joy and some sorrow, pleasure and pain, much of life and a little of death.

I pray that you are happily in love in the dawn and more deeply in love in the dusk.     Amen.

Urset says .Amen. Yahweh says: Early this morning Urset, when you walked along Frijoles creek, what was it I heard you say?

Urset replies….   I said: The morning in crisp and bright. I expect something to define the air momently, perhaps the shrill cry of a rabbit or a wren. The water of Frioles creek runs Southward throught splinters of sunlight and patterns of shade. It runs without unrgency, as I walk. It keeps the faster pace, but it and I proceed stedily, like the pilgrims of Chimayo, in our natures and in one nature, to the edge of the world. I hear among the stony churns of the creek words that I heard from an old man when I was young, “Muy bontia dia!” our laughter, his and mine, roves upon the cliffs of tuff close by. It is the first of all mornings, and it is unspeakably old.

Yahweh replies, Amen.

Written by N. Scott Momaday In The Bear’s House

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