inside the cave

Bear’s House is my place to share my writing. I am a nurse, father, husband, brother, son. I write for pleasure, for fun. I gave up journaling years ago but this blog feels like a journal. I belive others will read it and I like feeling that belief as I write. Hope these mediations are enjoyable to read. Thank You for coming.

5 comments on “inside the cave

  1. It pleases me to no end to christen the new blog. Too bad Squaw Stinson had to witness the subsequent mauling at the paws of the jungle cats from Jacksonville. Let’s hope alittle humility is all the team needed and they bounce back.

    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who has thoughts late at night. There’s a lot less interference then.


  2. Good stuff. Funny that you mention journalism; I’m working on my BA in it and I’m finding myself much more enjoying writing what I want to. Keep it up man, nice blog.

  3. Thank you very much for stopping by and giving my blog a follow. I appreciate it. I also like what is going on here in your blog. Your sentiments about the Olympics are spot on.

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