3 comments on “Life

  1. This is beautiful. It reminds me that Life persists, even in the most unlikely places. Hiking a few weeks ago, I saw a tree growing on top of a large rock. It had sent its roots down over a couple of feet of stone to find the ground below. I thought of that image when I read this. Amazing.

  2. I am watching the energy return to earth, as a result things are dying. It is the nature to of things to die. It is reassuring that life continues on, and that energy in and of itself does not die. It transforms. I find transformation difficult at best. It seems to ask that unresolved issues be addressed, intentions set, and a state of allowing to be present. Your persistance in pray, your practice of love provided the fertile ground for the cycle to continue. Persistnace and allowing may seem oppossing, but they go hand in hand. Thank you for reminding me of this simple yet potent fact. Pray for want you want, recieve the power of what is.

  3. I like this – I read it right after reading your post on time, and the two seem very much intertwined. The dream (outside of time) that pointed to the new growth on the tree (also very slow, bit by bit). The scale of time that is much bigger than us, activity moving quickly by some scales (nature) but slower by others (ours). I really appreciate this. Reminds me of the time scale of watching children grow, too.

    Love you,

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