7 comments on “tribal sunday

  1. So sorry for the confusion. It seems I left my comment on the game and late night thoughts in the wrong place. But I’m still happy to be the first cyber-klutz to acknowledge the new blog!

    Pax Redivivus

  2. I have often been baffled by the fact that sports events are the only regular opportunity for humans to gather in masses and feel safe to display their passion outwardly. It has been a long time since I attended a live game, surrounded by thousands of people and their incredible, almost tangible energy, but when I see it on tv, I always wonder what we could accomplish if all of these people set their minds to a cause, said a prayer, or learned something collectively that would have a positive impact on our planet.
    Early evening thoughts before dinner, after one beer.
    Love to Stinsons everywhere!

  3. I think it’s really funny that I’m the one who figured out how to post. I think I just got lucky so no offense to anyone, but I have just been dealing recently with the perils of my archaic computer. Neil probably never would have guessed me to even look at his page anyway, but here I am. It’s nice to be connected! Thanks Neil!

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